Health & Beauty With the humidity wreaking havoc on her hair, Shreena Patel tests an anti-frizz treatment.

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t’s my first summer in Hong Kong and, thanks to the rampant humidity, I look like an indian Hermione Granger (Philosopher’s Stone, not Deathly Hallows). To rid myself of my halo of frizz and get a sleeker look, I’m trying out the Discovery treatment by Ybera. Keratin and Brazilian blowdry hair treatments were once touted as a hair revolution, but some were found to release dangerously high levels of carcinogenic formaldehyde (including many that claimed to be formaldehyde-free). With the dizzying array of products, reports of stinging eyes and sore throats, lawsuits, investigations by the US Food and Drugs Administration and product bans in Canada and Europe, it became difficult to tell which treatments were safe and which weren’t. Enter Ybera. Brought to Hong Kong in 2013 by trichologist (hair and scalp specialist) Dr Aline Jahns, founder of Strand and Science Hair Spa, Ybera’s Discovery treatment provides a safe alternative. One hundred per cent formaldehyde- free, it claims to straighten hair and repair damage at the same time. Compatible with chemically treated hair, it can even be used while pregnant. After meeting Dr Jahns, I completed a questionnaire about my hair, which she used to advise me on how to improve its condition. My hair was coated in cream, section by section, and left for 45 minutes (30 minutes for less damaged hair). Then it was shampooed and a hydrating mask applied. After rinsing, my hair was blow-dried, flat ironed in small sections, and trimmed to remove split ends. Verdict: During my three-hour treatment I experienced no unpleasant smell or irritation to the eyes or scalp. Afterwards my hair was perfectly straight and much glossier. It felt a little flat at first but, after washing, some volume was restored. Blowdrying my hair straight now requires much less effort, and leaving it to dry naturally results in a wavier look. I like having the option and, either way, the frizz is gone. Depending on aftercare, the results should last about three months. Dr Jahns is not about quick fixes. Rather than creating a cycle of “damage and repair” she aims to improve the condition of her clients’ hair with every visit, keeping a file on their treatment history and results. When I got home, there was even an email waiting for me with tips on how to manage my hair better.

I will be going back.

Discovery System Smoothening Treatment costs from $1,500 at Strand and
Science HairSPA, 1/F Block 2, DB North Plaza, Discovery Bay, 2886 3820,

It is also available at Brune Blonde (from $3,000; M/F, Grand Hyatt, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, 2511 3988, and The Mandarin Salon (from $3,300;
5 Connaught Road, Central, 2825 4800,

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